Dmitry Morozovsky (dmarck) wrote,
Dmitry Morozovsky

Как я боролся с 20Q

Inspired by squadette; оригинал here.


I am guessing that it is everything?

Yes, No , Close

29. I guess it an eye? No.
28. Is it usually colorful? Usually.
27. Can liquids pass through it? Irrelevant.
Is it heavier than a pound of butter? Unknown.
26. Is it multicolored? Depends.
25. Can you hold it? Yes.
24. Does it make noise? Probably.
23. Is it used for communications? Yes.
22. Can it be stolen? Rarely.
21. Does it come in different colors? Yes.
20. I guess it an orange? No.
19. Was it invented? No.
18. Would you use it daily? Yes.
17. Can you open it? Sometimes.
16. Does it break if dropped? Rarely.
15. Does it have writing on it? Doubtful.
14. Does it bring joy to people? Usually.
13. Can you eat it? Depends.
12. Was it used over 100 years ago? Yes.
11. Do most people use this daily? Probably.
10. Does it roll? Yes.
9. Is it round? Sometimes.
8. Is it hard? Depends.
7. Does it contain a liquid? Usually.
6. Does it help accomplish tasks? Depends.
5. Can it fit in an envelope? Doubtful.
4. Do you hold it when you use it? Probably.
3. Would you give it as a gift? Depends.
2. Does it have a hard outer shell? Maybe.
1. Is it smaller than a loaf of bread? Sometimes.
It is classified as Unknown.


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