Dmitry Morozovsky (dmarck) wrote,
Dmitry Morozovsky

Во. еще лучше получилось


I am guessing that it is a pirate?

Yes, No, Close

29. I guess it a witch? No.
28. Is it an omnivore? Usually.
27. Does it have a tail? Rarely</a>.
26. Does it go inside other things? Sometimes.
25. Does it help accomplish tasks? Rarely.
24. Can it be used for recreation? Maybe.
Does it swim? Unknown.
23. Can it help you find your way? Sometimes.
22. Is it dangerous? Depends.
21. Is it heavy? Depends.
20. I guess it a clown? No.
19. Is it useful? Depends.
18. Can any age group use it? Maybe.
17. Can you play games with it? Yes.
16. Does it lay eggs? Doubtful.
15. Is it multicolored? Usually.
14. Is it considered valuable? Rarely.
13. Does it bring joy to people? Sometimes.
12. Can it run fast? Probably.
11. Can it be trained to obey commands? Depends.
10. Does it stand on two legs? Usually.
9. Does it have fur? Doubtful.
8. Can it jump? Probably.
7. Can you see it in a zoo? Maybe.
6. Is it brown? Depends.
5. Does it have four legs? Sometimes.
4. Does it have feet? Usually.
3. Does it have claws? Rarely.
2. Is it small? Depends.
1. It is classified as Animal.


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