Dmitry Morozovsky (dmarck) wrote,
Dmitry Morozovsky

Privacy vs Policy

Про "закрытые клубы" (из одного из них)

I believe that everyone on this list knows that things from this list may leak. The point of the "privacy" is policy. That is, it is the policy of this mailing list that it be kept private. Those who violate that privacy, by forwarding or quoting conversations from here are violating the trust of the other members. If you are talking about putting your trust in people then that's what you are saying, that you trust all of us to not violate the policy of this mailing list.

The #censored (and other "private" channels) exist to create smaller, less noisy, and more relaxed spaces for conversation. The privacy there is also a policy, and is not meant to imply secrecy. If I invite you to my house and you bring a guest who is obnoxious I may not invite either of you again. That's how human relations work, on line or off.

We, as a project, are quite open about what we do and engage in many ways with non-committers, via mailing lists, forums, IRC, and other social media. It is also acceptable to expect that there are places where we can narrow our audience, if only to keep the noise down, or because we don't wish to air certain issues before we, ourselves, have had time to think them through.

(with the permission from the Author)

Лучше не скажешь.
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