Dmitry Morozovsky (dmarck) wrote,
Dmitry Morozovsky

Scherbakov in English

Очень трепетно сделанный перевод одной из любимейшых моих вещей МКЩ -- "Юбилейной"

For those that will condemn us, we have an explanation
For those that try to break us, we close the ranks again
Today we will be feasting, a year in celebration
Is it not odd to have so many years to one’s name?
We faithfully remember the notes of astral chorus.
We step so very lightly on stairs made of glass
We walk without hurry on busy worldly roads
As if more than a moment, an epoch we possess.
Why, what are our years? Why, what are songs about,
When everything remembered is lightly swept away
And everything predicted is written on a signet
And thrown into the ocean beneath the deepest waves.
The sea is wide and fearsome, the sky is dark and starry
Beyond the sea new shores, where we may rest at last.
The sea a watchful sleeper, it breathes and it tarries,
We hear its heavy breathing on distant foreign paths.
Be brave, beloved brothers, be full of zealous patience,
Create and craft what have you before the day is done.
And secrets of long-lasting, of happy and of gracious,
If only I knew any, I would tell everyone.
Not once, many times over we fill with joy and sadness,
Our voices, our music, our hearts and our heads,
And we will gift each other with our loving madness,
While Heavens see it proper to keep us loved and mad.


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