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Internet History, Funny Facts #{n+1}

коллеги тукт выкопали, я так радовался, что даже решил поделиться:

A fascinating bit of IP history from Scott Bradner on a history mailing list:
the sequence was that once we (the IPng directorate, Allison & I) had decided on what we were going to recommend as IPng I went to Jon [Postel] and asked for an IP version number - he said that the next available number was 10 (5 was ST2 and the others had been assigned to the experimental IPng protocols SIPP,TUBA and Catnip)
I went back to the group and said that Jon had given us 10 someone pointed out that this could be a real problem since Van had used the high order bit of the versionnumber to indicate header compression
I went back to Jon - he suggested asking the SIPP folk to release 6 since the experimental SIPP IPng protocol was not going to go anywhere - I asked Steve & Bob if that would be OK and they agreed so IPng became IPv6

ps - Jon was none to happy to hear that Van had commandeered the hi order version bit without
discussing the idea with Jon
So THAT is how we got “IPv6”
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